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Thursday, November 30, 2006

East Coast vs. West Coast coming to an end???

Fat Joe and The Game have decided to show unity in hip hop together. Fat Joe is from the East Coast and The Game is from the West Coast, the two known coasts to have beef with each other. The two rappers released their albums on the same day and decided to appear together at the Virgin Megastore in New York City and even bought each others albums!!!! I love the LOVE!! The Game is even featured on a soong on Fat Joe's new album. To hear wach respective rappers CDs...go PURCHASE THEM!!! The Game's new CD is titled "The Doctor's Advocate" and Fat Joe's CD is titled "Me, Myself, and I".

Click the link to see what Fat Joe and The Game had to say.

Young Jeezy is givin back to the community...

Young Jeezy has decided to help out one lucky high school student by providing a 1,000 scholarship for the best essay on what inspires them. The essay is very simple and to the point. Not only will you win the money but you will also receive other prizes, such as a pizza party for their entire senior class and an autographed CD, along with several other prizes provided by local Atlanta business. The winner will be choosen on December 8th when Jeezy will personally deliver the prizes to the lucky senior. I think that I love it how Jeezy is giving back to his community and showing high school kids that you can be cool and still make the grades.

To see more details on Jeezy's contest click the link below.

Rappers are coming together for a great cause...

Rappers of all races have decided to come together to call for a ban on the N-word. As you all know this is in response to Michael (Kramer) Richards' outburst in a Vegas nightclub that has now been famously broadcast all over the United States on every show you could think of. Because Kramer has showed us that racism is alive and well in our country the hip hop community has decided that the best way to end the whole big mess is to call on everyone and ask that they not use the word at all, no matter if you are black, white, green, etc. I think that this is will not work but it is a good try. No matter what black people will always feel that this word can be used by them, I mean after all our people suffered and died to this negative word and now we have taken it from the originators and don't want to let it die. I think that the way the word is used or interpreted makes it negative, because there are some ways that it is used to show love between African-Americans, NOT between the Afro-Americans that Michael Richards' seems to think we are! I think that this particular topic is a very touchy discussion and should be handled delicately. I am, however, pleased to see various races of rappers from different regions such as Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, and Noreaga come together to discuss and take action against this terrible ordeal. I mean it is 2007 people! Can someone please tell me why this naive, close-minded type of thinking is still present!!!!

To see more on what the rappers and several other notable figures have to say on the issue, click the link below.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Jay-Z Takes Number One Again! All While Fresh Out of Retirement..

Jay-Z has done it again! His new album that was released last week on Tuesday, November 21, 2006 has sold 680,000 copies in the first week! And thats just in the United States. It is said to be his biggest first week sales ever and his ninth number one album! I guess retirement did someone some good. Jay-Z is a hard working man who is making millions on top of millions and is now reportedly a single man! But from what I have seen Jay is back focused on his money and his "hustle", but who can blame him when he has had his heart broken. I think that Jay-Z will be out of retirement until he finds a good woman to help him settle down and become a family man. Whatever he decides I say keep it up Jay! You continue to defy critics and haters alike! Well done!

To see more on Jay-Z's new album click the link below.

The Game is makin more trouble for himsself....

I guess the Game didnt have enough when he was charged with impersonating a police officer, now his business partner has been with laundering money for the bloods, which is a very well known gang that the Game has personally announced his affiliation with. The Game's partner was charged with first-degree racketeering conspiracy and held in lieu of $750,000 bail. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the charges. Looks like the Game will need to invest in a business partner! And he will have to do all of this while answering to the charges of impersonating a police officer in New York, where if you have been hearing all the backlash the trigger happy NYPD is receiving you would think why would the Game ever want to impersonate one of them.
To see more on The Game's business partners legal troubles, as wll as his, click the link below.

Jim Jones is Flyin High and BALLIN!!

Jim Jones is coming out with a new Christmas CD along with is Diplomat artists and a few special guests a week from today. I think that it just maybe a big seller, with the success of his new song "We Fly High (BALLIN!)" and all. I think that this song and Mr. Jones much heard of beef with Jay-Z has paid off. The CD with this single sold over 100,000 units in the first week. Not bad for an independant artist on an independant label. If Jim keeps it up he could go straight to the top! (Right behind T.I. and Jay-Z, of course) Mr. Jones has to know you cant dethrone the kings that easily! But its worth a try, challengers are always welcome. Jim Jones is having alot to say these days, so if you want to check out some of his songs try Yahoo! Music.

To see what Jim Jones' new CD will entail just click the link below.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ludacris helping find Runaways

November is officially National Runaway prevention month and rapper/actor Ludacris has decided to become apart of this cause. Ludacris is standing up and speaking out to help bring this cause nationwide to make people aware that this is a problem. Ludacris officially announced his involvement and his not for profits involvement as well on November 14, 2006. To see more about this cause and Ludacris' comments click the link below.

BET hosts First Annual BET HIP HOP AWARDS!

Well I guess it isn't enough that there are already a million award shows circulating around that BET felt we needed one more. This is how the HIP HOP AWARDS were born. The difference in the hip hop awards and all other award shows is that this one is all about hip hop and honoring its icons, old and new. It premiered on November 15, but no worries because if you missed it BET wont disappoint you seeing as though they will show it a MILLION more times in one week! LOL, BET is the worst Black Entertainment Television channel ever, their shows are never original, new or even fresh. Shows are always shown twelve times in two days and it has become so mundane I have almost forgot what channel BET is on! I composed myself enough to find it to see the Hip Hop Awards and I must say that I liked it. Very surprising to myself. I think it could have just been because my all time favorite rapper Mr. T.I., T.I.P if your hip, took home the most wins with 3 and the most nominations with 8! I guess everybody knows who the man is! Also The host Katt Williams was very interesting and funny as well. "Some people don't like Dipset, but hey what r u gonna do?". CLASSIC LINE! If you haven't seen the show and don't know much about hip hop then this line just went over your head. But its ok, u can still catch the show in one of its many reruns and watch it just for fun.

To read more on the winners and losers click the below link.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Not apart of Hip Hop but a very influential R & B Singer

I just had to write on the death of Gerald Levert!! This was one of the greatest R&B singers around. Mr. Levert paved the way for R&B and hip hop youngsters everywhere. He will truly be missed. It is said he died of a heart attack, an at 40 YEARS OLD. Gerald Levert may not have been hip hop but he has lended his incredible voice to many hip hop stars and their albums. If you don't know Gerald Levert then you haven't listened to many hip hop artists for long, let alone R&B. He has been around for over 2 decades making hits either by himself, or with his group LSG. LSG consisted of Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, and Johnny Gill, who are also very good R&B songsters.
To see more on this tragedy clink the below link.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jay-Z finds a new Champagne....

Well Jay-Z is so over Cristal!! Yes the rapper who brought the boycott against a “racist” Cristal Champagne has been seen embracing a whole new bubbly. If you ever watch videos then you have seen the newest video since his return from retirement, which is aptly called “Show Me What You Got”. In the video Jay-Z can be seen handling a bottle of Armand de Brignac, which is known to be encased in a solid gold- plated bottle! I guess Jay-Z has made a step up! Well looks like Cristal snoozes and loses...haha. Sometimes it pays to just eat your words, because I just know that Cristal owners are somewhere kicking themselves right now. Well if you want to check out the video and the new champagne it can be seen at Yahoo! Music.

To read the article on Jay-Z’s new drink and other news click on the link below.

Lil' Wayne banned from College!!!

Well the good thing is Lil’ Wayne wasn’t banned from The University of Houston, where he attends school for psychology. Lil’ Wayne was, however, banned from Morgan State University for throwing money and causing a stampede. Now I understand that it was wrong to throw money into a crowd full of broke college kids but you have to admit it was news worthy. I think Lil’ Wayne was wanting some good publicity and this has just turned into a bad thing. The good thing was that no one was seriously hurt in the melee. Now there is some rumor that Lil’ Wayne could have charges filed against him by Morgan State, but I got a feeling Lil’ Wayne isn’t to worried about money seeing how he threw a nice amount into the crowd and is a very successful rapper, and CEO of his company Cash Money Record. So as you can see money is no object. I just have one question for Morgan State: Do you really think Lil’ Wayne cares about being banned? Because I wouldn’t!

Click the link below to read more.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Kanye West Crashes MTV European Music Awards

Kanye West has officially lost it! Or could this be another clever business maneuver from another rapper? I dont know but whatever it is, it needs to STOP! Kanye man take it easy, you cant win all the time! If you havent heard about Kanye's meltdown at the MTV Music Awards, he was upset because he didnt win the Best Video award so he decided to jump on the stage and spew expletives towards the winners. Kanye still didnt get the award but he sure did get some publicity for the antics! And I think that thats what its all about in the end!
To see the story click on the link.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oprah Responds!!

Well this is what we have been waiting for! Oprah's response. Its not much but its something. I guess Oprah was tired of the hip hop community trying to make her look bad. Oprah's got a rep to protect! And nevermind you people who remember the mad cow disease scandal!! So go ahead and click the link to read what Oprah had to say.